10.1 Causes of Pollution

Experience has shown that the majority of the causes of pollution by ships are as followed:

a) Overflow of cargo from tanks during loading/discharge (e.g. open drop line valves,
changing of trim, slop tank overflow)
b) Overflow of ballast water
c) Leakage of oil through sea valves at commencement of ballasting
d) Failure of flanges and joints in manifolds and deck pipework
e) Spillage of oil after fire/explosion

Consequently, Master is required to draw the special attention of deck crew to these causes.

10.2 Emergency Oil Pollution Clean-up

Whenever oil is spilled and pollution of the sea occurs or may occur, immediate action must be taken to prevent further spillage and to minimize clean-up operations.

10.3 Scuppers

Scuppers must always be closed and made oil tight before operations commence. Those ships which have wooden plugs must have plugs cemented over.

10.4 Water freeing Deck

All surplus rainwater or clean water spilling on the deck from such as ballasting operations must be drained of periodically and scupper plugs replaced and resealed immediately after the water has been run off. Continuous monitoring during this time is required.

10.5 Unused Cargo/Bunker Connections

All unused cargo and bunker connections shall be closed and blanked off using a fully bolted blank flange.

10.6 Overboard Valves and Sea Valves

All overboard valves and sea valves not being used shall be closed and lashed or sealed. Over board discharge lines which have a swing-blind arrangement shall be blinded.

10.7 Drip Pans and Trays

It is the ship.s responsibility to provide drip pans and trays under the manifold connections and to keep pans or trays emptied or drained.

10.8 Oil Absorbing Material

The ship shall keep an adequate supply of sawdust or other oil absorbing material ready for immediate use.

10.9 Adequate Deck Watch

The ship shall have an adequate deck watch during all cargo and ballasting operations. The Emergency Stop procedure must be clearly understood and agreed by ship and shore.