6.1 General

During the pre-transfer conference, the Terminal will provide with fully charged portable walkie-talkie. The ship.s Duty Officer must keep the walkie-talkie at all times. The walkie- talkie is to be used for cargo transfer and emergency use only.

Indicating of the name of ship should always be included in communications to avoid any misunderstanding. The shore identity or Call Sign is “PTT Tank”
A secondary means of voice communication will be via the telephone to our Terminal Loading Master at (+66) 38 978186 or (+66) 38 978190 or through the terminal jetty crews

6.2 Ship/Shore Safety Checklist and Operational Agreement

On arrival at the berth, the Terminal Representative will present the ship containing the following documents:

a) Safety Requirement Latter
b) Ship/Shore Safety Checklist
c) Ship Shore Information Agreement
d) Others, if any

The various forms, information and procedures laid out in the document formalize the conduct and procedures governing ship/shore operations at the jetty which are mutual agreed before operations commence.

The agreements reached in the document remain in force throughout the time a ship remains alongside the Jetty. Any changes made to these agreements during the course of the cargo operation must be again agreed in written. All items contained in the Ship/Shore Safety Checklist must remain constantly under review. However, the ship and shore are required to jointly recheck those items requiring formal recheck at intervals not exceeding 4 hours.

6.3 Communications During Cargo Transfer

The maintenance of good communications throughout cargo transfer operations is fundamental to ensuring the safety of the activity.

During cargo operations, if for any reason it becomes necessary to stop cargo in an emergency, the party requesting stop should notify the other party by using the walkie- talkie issued by the terminal.

All transfer pumps must be immediately stopped, ship and shore manifolds must be closed until the situation is investigated and joint agreement is reached on resuming operations.