9.1 Tank Inspections, Ullaging and Sampling

Tank Inspection, ullaging and sampling of ship.s tanks are to be carried out either before and/or after cargo handling.
Wherever possible, the ullaging and sampling of ship.s tanks should be achieved by the use of closed sampling equipment. Under no circumstances are shore personnel to open any tank or vapor lock without approval from ship.s Duty Officer.
When it is not possible to undertake close gauging and/or sampling operation, open gaging systems will need to be employed and the precaution detailed in ISGOTT must be adhered to.

9.2 Tank Entry

PTT Tank employees are not allowed to enter ship.s tanks. In the event that if tank entry is required, this operation must be performed following the ship.s confined space entry procedure and agreement between both surveyor and Master of the ship.

9.3 Closed Operations

During loading, discharging and/or ballasting of ship.s cargo tanks must be conducted under closed conditions. Tanks hatches must not be opened under any circumstances. The use of manual gauging/sampling of cargo tanks via sighting, ullage ports or similar operations is not permitted.

9.4 State of Readiness of Main Engines

The main engine and other essential machinery of all ships alongside must be maintained in a state of readiness for vacating the berth at short notice.

9.5 Maintenance and Repair Work on Board

Major planned repair and any maintenance involving „Hot Work. such as cutting, welding, and scraping are not allowed while ship is alongside the jetty. Emergency repair, namely essential repairs needed to rectify malfunctioning equipment and prevent hazardous or unsafe conditions, will only be permitted on a case-by-case basis with agreement between the responsible ship.s Duty Office and the Terminal Representative.

9.6 Hot Work on Board

All „Hot Work. is strictly prohibited on board any ships whilst alongside the jetty.

9.7 Tank Cleaning and Gas Freeing

Tank cleaning and washing, gas freeing operations are not allowed on board any ships while alongside the jetty.